At the same time, Schwarzenegger had not reported any details of the plot of the new film. The message about the upcoming filming of the new "Terminator" was a complete surprise for the movie lovers because of the failure to hire the last picture "Terminator: Genesis", released in 2015.

In January it was reported that the film company Paramount Pictures has pulled the sixth terminator film about the schedule release. Original "Genesis-2" was supposed to come out in 2017. The premiere of another film in this series was planned for 2019

The film "Terminator: Genesis" grossed a total of 440,6 million dollars. The production budget of the film amounted to 155 million dollars, and about 50-100 million dollars, according to analysts, the film-makers spent on marketing.

The first tape of the terminator, James Cameron took off in 1984. A total of five films in the franchise, four of them, with the exception of the fourth picture of "salvation", the main role was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.