What you need to understand: the document stated not only what to do, but also the planned result. The full text of the document you can find in more or less readable form on Delfi.lv (lat.Jaz). The list was gigantic and comprehensive, covering almost all aspects of life of Latvians. We recommend everyone to try to find "their" innovations that are planned in the bowels of the Cabinet and ministries of Latvia. To do this, use the search in page (Ctrl-F in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and key words from the sphere of their professional or personal interests.

We present those items of the "plan of Kuchinskis" that interesting to most, or just curious themselves. However, we hasten to warn that their implementation can be problem — previously the Prime Minister warned that the requests of the ministries are ten times larger than the budget. This is perhaps the key shortcoming of the plan.

Top 25 points "plan Kuchinskisa"

Develop long-term solutions reconstruction of residential buildings after the 2014-2020. Need to attract funds from European Union funds.

To assess the possibility of introducing different rates VAT on food. Local food can obtain a reduced rate of value added tax.

Implementation plan the development of Latgale in 2015-2017. In particular, it is necessary to create a special economic zone, and at least 200 new jobs.

The implementation of the programme bringing Latvian roads in the years 2014-2020. Special attention to the roads in Latgale. In particular, it is planned to improve coverage and increase the safety of 522 kilometres major roads (168 km) in Latgale), 1033 km of regional state highway (228 km) in Latgale). It is planned to attract including EU funds.

Extensive plans the fight against the shadow economy. About them we already very in detail wrote.

Improving efficiency debt collection. To this end it is planned to create a single electronic system of exchange of information between jurors performers, dgss and credit institutions.

The introduction of new e-services and modern technologies in the SRS. The long-term plan, by the end of 2018 it is planned to introduce only 30% of innovations.

Modernization of the information system land cadastre, to a real estate transaction can be recorded in "agencies of one stop". We are talking about creating at least seven new e-services and transforming to electronic rails 14 different processes in the field of real estate.

The creation of a single digital archive of the State land service with a gradual transition to a digital environment.

The creation of new alternative mechanism solutions "consumer disputes". According to the Center for the protection of the rights of consumers it could speed up and facilitate the solution of at least about 200 disputes per year.

The reform of criminal law in part of punishments for Teens. The plan was for the criminal record and real time should be an exceptional punishment.

Strengthening cooperation with the United States on a range of issues, including assurance of presence the American army in the territory of Latvia and hold joint exercises.

Adult learning the Latvian language. The Latvian plan is to learn at least 1,000 people per year. In 2016 launched 14 projects in this area, studies have begun 1200 people. In the third quarter of 2016 it is necessary to declare competition for the provision of this service in 2017.

Elaboration of a complex of events dedicated to the celebration The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia, their total number is about 100. A specific plan should be ready by July 1, 2016.

End of creation network acoustic concert halls in Latvia. "Final chords" should be a new hall in Riga and the building of the Ventspils music high school and the hall.

The organization of the Latvian song and dance festival among schoolchildren in 2020. According to the plan, provided for involvement in related activities up to 80% of students of Latvia.

The continued development of the Institute public assistants of the State language centre.

The establishment in Zemessardze 18 platoon advanced preparedness as well as creating economic incentives for businesses to encourage their employees to participate in the exercises of the national guard.

Providing conditions for accommodation in Latgale army — the unit of the National armed forces.

Increase opportunities for learning funcargo. Just annually the training should take place prior to 11 000 young people.

The development of a fundamentally new law "About the lease of residential premises". Goal is to streamline this area and to bring the legislation to a "common denominator".

Increasing child benefit for needy families and the establishment of a mechanism that would allow to pay child benefits until the child reaches 20 years of age, provided that he receives a General or vocational education.

Introduction with the 2019/2020 school year compulsory secondary education, the gradual translation of the first classes to start learning from the age of six.

Research on the topic of the possibility of introducing into the legislation of new forms of labor relations — remote work, work at home, "elastic" working time.

The change in mechanism of indexation of pensions from 2017, the introduction of a new differentiation of pensions from 2018. Goal — the increase in pension payments people with more seniority.