Last Thursday the actor filed a lawsuit against the singer for five million dollars for damage to his reputation. He called the charges O'connor "vile, fabricated lie" and said that she was just desperately trying to attract public attention.

According to Sinead O'connor, she said at a Hall in the Minneapolis field office leading the investigation into the death of a musician, was found dead at his home in April this year. In one of the two feysbuchnyh posts relating to the Hall, she told the comedian to "he waited for them to call". "They know that many years ago you gave me a shot in the house Eddie Murphy. Keep all the excess from her den," wrote the singer.

Hall is better known as a former host of the popular late night talk show on American television. In the movie, he became famous as the partner of Eddie Murphy in the film "coming to America".

In the application filed by lawyers of the Hall in the court in Los Angeles, said: "O'connor is now better known for his eccentric, unbalanced antics than music." In the same document draws attention of the court that the charges against Hall could be read on Facebook and heard in subsequent media reports countless people. The plaintiff asked the court to draw the singer's libel case and believes that the damage to his reputation, worth no less than $ 5 million. In his lawsuit, Hall also points out that had little contact with O'connor, and doubts that she could at least know something about the life of Prince, given its own recognition of previously strained relations between them.

The investigation has not yet established the cause of death, although unofficially there are different assumptions.