Roslyn Corrigan was 16 years old when she met with former President of the United States. The girl who dreamed of a career in politics was waiting for this event, writes the edition Time. But in the end Corrigan was disappointed. The elder Bush, who was 79 years old, he patted her buttocks at the event, which was held in November 2002 at a CIA office in Texas.

"My first reaction was absolute terror. I really was terribly embarrassed. The first thing I did is looked at my mom. And while we were standing there, I said nothing. What might the teenager say to the ex-President of the United States? "Hey, kid, you're not supposed to touch me?" — Corrigan told reporters.

The incident occurred when the girl was photographed with Bush. Five other women have told about the harassment of Bush in similar circumstances. Reporters Time talked to the relatives and friends Roslyn Corrigan, and seven people confirmed that she complained of the harassment policy even before such statements become a trend.

The first charges against the former American leader, addressed the 34-year-old actress Heather Lind. According to her, Bush has encroached on her ass four years ago during a photo session dedicated to the private screening of the next series of the television series "Turn: Washington's Spies," in which she starred.

According to Lind, during filming, she stood beside the former President. While Bush, whose age is 93 years, sat in a wheelchair. At this point, according to her, the former politician "sexually assaulted" her.

Шесть женщин обвинили Буша-старшего в публичных домогательствах
Foto: Reuters/Scanpix/LETA

"While posing, he didn't shake my hand, and touched my back and told a dirty joke," wrote Lind in the social network. According to her, a witness to the incident was the spouse of former President Barbara Bush. She "rolled her eyes" and made a pained expression. And one of the guards Bush told the actress that she "was not supposed to stand next" to a politician during a photo shoot.

Later, similar statements were made by the actress Jordana Grolnick, writer Christina Baker Kline, journalist Liz Ellen and former candidate for Senator of Maine Amanda Steps. They all said that Bush groped them during the photographing.

93-summer Bush apologized to the offended women through his representative. In comments The Washington Post Jim McGrath noted that the former President is confined to a wheelchair the last five years, so "his hand falls on the lower part of the waist of the people he photographed".

"To try to smooth over the situation, the President regularly tells the same joke. Sometimes he pats women on the buttocks, but it is always a manifestation of good nature. Some believe this gesture is innocent, others believe that it is inappropriate. Ex-President brings his sincere apology to everyone he's ever hurt," — said in comments.

Published Time photos from Roslyn Corrigan and her mother George HW Bush, apparently, worth it. The girl admitted that she met different reactions when trying to talk about how she was embarrassed by Bush's actions during the short meeting. The revelations of her friends in misfortune forced her to have the courage to make a public statement to support other victims of sexual harassment.

Her mother confirmed the words of her daughter and admitted that she was shocked and upset by the occurrence. The woman explained that he did not dare to make incident public and demand that the ex-President's apology for his status and also out of fear that her husband will be fired from the CIA.