After the announcement of five-time champion of the "Hats" on the positive sample on Meldonium (banned from 1 January 2016) there is information about the fact that she had been warned about the impending ban for at least five times.

"I want to address you and share some information, discuss the latest news and tell what some things were covered in the press is incorrect and I'm not going to leave it at this.

You became for me an incredible support and I am very grateful for that. But I know that some — not all — members of the press distort, exaggerate and inaccurately convey the facts around the incident", — is told in circulation Sharapova to the fans, which publishes

She recalled that "in one of the materials mentioned that I was warned five times about the upcoming ban on drugs, which I took. It is not true. This was not the case. Actually, the information was provided not in the form of "warnings" — it was just published on the website".

"This is not an excuse that I didn't know about the ban. I have already talked about the email, which was received 22 December 2015. The subject was "the Main changes to the tennis anti-doping programme in 2016". I should have paid more attention to him. Other "warnings"? They were buried in newsletters, on websites and in handouts," — said Sharapova in her open letter.

"18 December I received an email "news for the players". He led the news report on the website with lots of information about relocation, upcoming tournaments, rankings, statistics, message Board, congratulations with birthdays and — Yes — anti-doping news.

To get specific information on drugs added to the prohibited list, the player had to open this email, scroll through a dozen references to extraneous topics, find reference "Zone players", enter your username and password to view the home page section with three dozen different links to find the section "Changes to the anti-doping programme in 2016," read page with three links for dozens of different anti-doping issues, find and access needed to migrate to the second page, and only there you can find the second name of the medication that I primal.

In General, to learn about this "warning", you had to open an email under the subject that has nothing to do with the anti-doping program, open the page, log in to your account, to search, to click, to search, to click, to search, to click, to flip through and read. Perhaps someone in the press finds this "warning". But I think most will say that to get to such warning is quite hard.

They had a little brochure that was distributed at tournaments at the beginning of 2016 after the ban came into force. It was a document of a thousand words, many of which were of a technical nature and small print. Would I have to study it? Yes. But if you look at this document, you will understand what I mean," said Maria in her letter.

Sharapova also replied to the argument that, according to the manufacturer of Mildronate, the course of its reception is 4-6 weeks.

"This was repeated by many reporters, not those who worked to tell their readers and viewers the whole story. It the manufacturer of the product says: "to Repeat the course two or three times a year. Only the doctor may prescribe a longer course based on the examination of the patient.

This is exactly what occurred in my case. I did not take it every day. I took the medicine according to the scheme recommended by my doctor, and small doses recommended by my doctor," she said.

"I am proud of my career. I have always been honest and open. I did not pretend to be injured to cover up the truth about his test.

Now I'm waiting for hearings ITF, which will give your detailed medical history. I hope that I will be allowed to play again. But in any case, I want you, my fans, know the truth and the facts," — said the athlete.