This will be achieved through additional funding and bringing order to the school network. The Minister stressed that the Ministry of education and science (MES) may close any school because this problem is solved by government. At the moment decisions were made to 11 schools.

The Minister does not think that the government will take a decision on a new model of teacher salaries until the end of the year. It is a question of the following years, besides the 2017 municipal elections will take place, so that decisions about the optimization of the school network is unlikely.

According to the Minister, will uphold the principle that the primary school should be as close as possible to the place of residence of the child, and then older students should receive a more quality education.

Teachers approaching retirement age, which after the closure of the schools will lose their jobs, will be paid benefits on the need to allow 2-2. 5 million euros.

Words Sadurskis, teachers do not hope for large salaries, and have to wait. The first increase of salaries bude in September of this year, and for three years of salary achieved 1150 Euro per bet.