According to the lawyer, Vera Savchenko was on the border at the checkpoint "Chertkovo — Mylove" and together with the Consul of Ukraine refused to leave the car with diplomirani. Then its to the checkpoint "Chertkovo" was taken by the consuls, went to Rostov-on-don. According to Novikov, Vera Savchenko said that she wanted.

Press service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has confirmed that the sister of the pilot Nadezhda Savchenko detained in Russia. "Faith Savchenko detained in Russia. Our Consul with her at the police station fighting for her release. Embassy in Moscow is also working on this", — stated in the Twitter of the MFA of Ukraine.

The Ministry added that the passport of Faith Savchenko is the Russian side, she is in a diplomatic car with the Consul, the machine is locked.

As reported TASS, Savchenko allegedly declared wanted in Russia for insulting a judge in Grozny. In the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic, on 28 October, during consideration of the criminal case against Ukrainian citizens Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Cliche accused of hostilities against Russia in 1994-1995, Vera Savchenko was allowed at the meeting as a public defender and "systematically violated the established order of court session by the statements of unauthorized replicas from the scene," not reacting to the comments of the judge.

In the end, the court decided to remove her from the courtroom. When the marshals were withdrawn the Faith, she uttered an insult to the judges. These words have undergone linguistic examination, according to which this statement humiliates the honor and dignity not only of the presiding officer, but the Institute for justice as such.

The case was initiated by the Department's investigator of the Chechen Republic under article "Contempt of court, expressed in insult of a judge", providing for up to six months of arrest.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the foreign Ministry to "do everything possible" for the homecoming of Faith Savchenko, reports "About this situation we have informed our international partners. The Consul General of Ukraine in Rostov already on the way to the place of detention of a Faith Savchenko", — wrote Poroshenko in Facebook.

Previously, Vera Savchenko after her date with Hope reported that she has started to fill out the papers for extradition to Ukraine.