It's a family recipe mother of Anna Romashko, published on the website Bravery

1 kg of flour
1.5 glass of milk
1,5 tbsp. sugar
300 g butter
6 eggs
Yeast 50 g

Spices — cardamom in a brandy, saffron, a bit of ginger.
Yes, and the brandy, infused with a week on these spices can also be added to the dough at the stage after you add 2/3 of the flour.

Method of preparation:

The yeast mixture of warm milk, yeast, — raw definitely, 100 grams sugar, salt, 500 g flour is sent in heated to 30-50' the oven.

When Opara came to the top, back shoulder blade interfering proteins, the captured first with a pinch of salt, then half the remaining sugar, then, in the same way, the yolks, white downed the rest of the sugar. The vanilla and spices, and butter, steplewska and erased to a milky color.

Then a bit will give the sourdough aside for 15 minutes, and add all the flour, but half her will not forget to pour the brandy.

All this I mix with a mixer with spiral nozzles for 5-10 min.

All that happened, again sent in a warm oven.

Give up the dough 6-7 times and add sliced, peeled almonds and white raisins, pre-soaked in brandy for 20 minutes, and pressed. Almonds without the skin make it easy — just steamed it for 5-10 minutes in boiling water. Then you quickly dry it in a hot oven.

Give more time to rise well.

Then prepare the baking dish using the parchment paper or silicone just. In cans at the cakes turn yellow sides, but not brown.

Bake at 170-180 t' is approximately 45-55 minutes on the bottom level(but not at the bottom).

Do not open the oven all the time, then try a wooden stick. Baked through perfectly!

The frosting is easy to make from a single protein and 200 grams of powdered sugar (icing add red food dye).

With the coming of Christ Easter all!