As reported, the Ministry of health today sent LASU final proposal of the government on the strike demands, which calls for tomorrow to come to an agreement with the Prime Minister and the Minister of health.

As have informed Agency LETA in the Ministry of health, according to the project agreement, the Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis and the Minister of health Anda Chakshu undertake to ensure a proportionate increase of salaries of medical personnel providing from 1 January 2018 increase of the salaries of family doctors in the amount of capitali.

The draft agreement stipulates that within the amount of capitali family physicians January 1, 2018, shall be paid a Supplement of EUR 150 per month for performing certain quality criteria. Until January 1, 2018, family doctors are given the opportunity to improve their performance. To determine these criteria is proposed to form a working group.

It is also proposed that, if necessary, to clarify included in the conceptual report "On the reform of the health system" section on primary health care and up to 15 September 2017 to prepare a detailed proposal for the development of primary health care.

The draft agreement also envisages the introduction of regulations changes, it is established that until 1 January 2018, the use of a unified e-health system for family doctors is voluntary.

Agreeing with these suggestions, LASU will assume the obligation to ensure the execution of prisoners with National health service contracts, including connecting family physicians to electronic health until September 1, 2017.