Half of the amount the family will get this year and the rest next.

The jury refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the guards. Then the relatives of the dead filed a lawsuit the claim about compensation of moral harm. In support of this claim, the mother of a teenager, Samaria rice said that the police who shot her son, assisted him until the arrival of FBI agents.

In November 2014, the 12-year-old Tamir rice was shot on one of the playgrounds of the city. One of the locals called the police and reported that on the street walking with baby in arms — most likely a toy. The Manager gave this information to the police only partially. The guards decided that the present weapon, and opened fire. The teenager died in hospital the next day.

Cases of us police use of weapons in disputes happen quite often. A special resonance in the society caused the killing of black teenager Michael brown in Ferguson, committed on August 9, 2014. Local residents, dissatisfied with the progress of the investigation of the incident, staged a riot. All protests were held in 38 US States.