The main conclusion of the authors of the study society is becoming more integrated. Russian speakers feel their belonging to the country (this year - 84%, in 2015 - 67%), more likely to speak Latvian and less nostalgic for the Soviet Union. The desire to leave Latvia has also become smaller. Dramatically improved assessment of inter - ethnic relations are now good and very good they are considered 48% (two years ago - 21%).

  • 1. Citizens who not too look back at Russia
  • 2. Love for the USSR became a little less?
  • 3. Must go: the truth?
  • 4. Latvians and non-Latvians: find 10 differences
  • 5. To speak in Latvian? Easy!
  • 6. The feeling of discrimination and injustice
  • 7. Does 'Russian propaganda'?
  • 8. How to make Latvian society more cohesive?

The full study is available in Latvian (PDF). The poll was conducted by group of researchers of the Institute of philosophy and sociology, University of Latvia in April-August 2017. The researchers conducted interviews with representatives of 922 non-Latvian population of Latvia aged 15 years and over.