Glossy, matte, bright and transparent - modern assortment allows each to choose something among the wide variety of textures and tones. Bright lipstick will look good with formal attire and business clothes, but also an excellent "revive" the image with the most simple jeans or a summer dress. The secret lies in choosing the right shade.

In addition, it is always important to remember about natural vazhego image. The magazine "Womansay" advises on how to choose the right tone of lipstick:


When creating a stylish makeover, you can certainly seek for inspiration in "His Majesty the Internet, but it is important to remember that your skin color is likely to be different from the color of the skin of the model on varying photo - lipstick of the same shade will never fit all women. If the skin is dark, that go well with her chocolate, wine, red, plum and pastel shades. For light skin good fit beige, light coral, light pink shades.


Blondes with blue or green eyes and fair skin fit all shades of pink, plum and coral. Not recommended for very bright colors. Blondes with brown and hazel eyes are delicate shades of pink and red. Not recommended — bright red and bright pink.

Blondes with Golden skin fit beige and Golden hues. Red-haired ladies with fair skin are suitable plum, dark red, brown, and coral color. Not recommended orange and bright pink shades.

Brown with pink and white skin are pink, dark pink, plum and light brown tone lipstick. Brunettes with grey and blue eyes and fair skin should choose a classic scarlet or purple color.

Brunettes with dark eyes and dark skin fit plum, chocolate, orange and dark red color. Shades of medium intensity, as a rule, suitable for everyone. Dark rich — are swarthy, dark-haired women.


Owners of brown eyes is perfect rich scarlet shades. Blue-eyed women attention should be paid to the cherry lipstick and beige shades. For zelenoglazik suitable lipstick mix orange or terracotta. And gray-eyed beauties will fit sand shades and light shades cherry color.

The size of the lips

Light lipstick visually increases lip and the dark reduces. If you want to enhance the lips, then gently circle them natural contour pencil of the same color as the lipstick. Brush on the lipstick and the centre lip highlight with glitter. At the same time on the lower lip gloss you need to apply more than the upper. On the upper lip can apply the product with light reflecting particles, carefully rastushevok it.


It is also important to remember about age features. Young girls who have just started to use makeup, it would be worthwhile to start with a lip gloss or light neutral lip shades. Women under 40 years of age can choose more bright colors, and the ladies over 45 would be nice to have a lipstick without the effect of "Shine".

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