The Commission on defense, internal Affairs and corruption prevention rejected the amendment proposed by the Deputy from sacs Edgars Potray. However, in the election to the Seimas, paragraph pursuant to which each holder of a residence permit will have to pay 5000 euros for renewal (i.e. every five years) appeared again the bill was adopted by deputies. Initially the idea of fee for extension of residence permit is put forward Imants Paradnieks (National Association), which wanted to set its size at the level of 10 000 euros.

During the meeting on April 21, Edgar Putra said that now the residence permit is extended automatically and free of charge, however Management on Affairs of citizenship and migration, this means certain costs. According to estimates Putra, in the case that about 60% of the holders of the residence permit will agree to renew it on a paid basis, manage to collect about 5 million euros. This amount will be spent on the program of the first housing for residents of Latvia.

The head of the Commission of the Seimas on defense, internal Affairs and corruption Einar expert ("Unity") said LTV7, the rules apply not only to new applicants for residence, but also to those who have received it previously. Meanwhile, the initiative group of Russian citizens prepares a letter to the President Raimonds Vejonis with a request to stop the adoption of the amendments. So, the citizen of Russia Natalia Poberezhskiy said the channel, which were sold in Russia, apartment and bought an apartment in Riga, having a so-called "investor visa". "At the moment all of the sudden, in the course of events tell me, what do I have to pay five thousand euros. I don't have. I have somewhere to take. In my opinion, the law is not retroactive in democratic countries. I would like to understand why this is happening," said she.

By "investor visa" in Latvia has got a lot of ordinary people, says LTV7. Are teachers, journalists, representatives of creative intelligentsia. The initiative group of ex-Muscovites who have moved to permanent residence in Latvia, wrote a letter to the President of Latvia with the request to return the amendment back to the Saeima for revision.

The office of the President of Latvia to comment on the situation yet refused, because the text of the amendments to the law have not yet been received.