This will be a special prize, specially created for the 20th anniversary award of the Latvian music producers Association (LaMPA) for the Maestro, as a reward for the contribution in development of Latvian music industry, he received in 2000.

With regard to nominations, the most of all this year the band "Prāta vētra" and Aminata — everyone claims to be 6 awards. Multiple nominations from Donsa, Ozols, "the Sound Poets", "Skyforger", "Sigma" and"Electric Combo".

This year "Golden microphone" claimed 114 albums, 61 song, 57 videos, 31 debutant and 8 live recordings.

"Golden microphone" for contribution in development of Latvian music industry will posthumously receive Pete Anderson. The award will be handed to his family.

We will add that in 20 years the history of the "Golden microphone", the largest number of nominations (52) and the largest number of awards (28) was the band "Prāta vētra". In second place Raimonds Pauls — 28 nominations and 10 awards. 18 nominations from Donsa (7 awards) and group Dzelzs vilks (6 awards), says Kas jauns.