It is worth noting that in all 19 previous years of performances in elite, national team of Latvia only once they were victorious. It was in 2014 when the team of Ted Nolan defeated the Finns (3:2). In addition, on the home world Cup in Riga ten years ago in the first round was a draw against Czech (1:1). In all other cases Latvia invariably lost.

Sweden is one of the most awkward opponents for the Latvian national team. At the world Championships in Latvia has only one victory over "Tre Krunur" of 11 attempts. It was produced in 2009 in Bern (3:2 in shootouts).

At last year's world Championships in Prague, the Latvian national team — still under the leadership of Alexander Beliavsky played with the Swedes in the third round, and lost (1:8), extending the tournament streak to three. But in the two previous cases, the defeat of the Scandinavians were not so hopeless — 2:4 at world Cup 2010 in Mannheim, Germany and 0:4 at world Cup 2012 in Stockholm. Also you can remember a loss with a score of 3:5 at the Olympic tournament in Sochi-2014.

A year ago the author of a unique washer in gate of Swedes was forward Lauris Darzins, who misses the tournament for family reasons.

The Swedes — a nine-time world Champions. Over the past decade, they have twice won gold medals. In 2006 he made a Golden double, winning the world Cup in Riga after the triumph at the Olympic games in Turin.

The recent success of the team, "Tre Kronor" is dated 2013 — then they became Champions on home ice. Not to say that the Swedes then had a star cast stood out is that Louie Eriksson. In the group stage they lost to the Swiss, and then with a whitewash has conceded to Canadians.

If in 2013 the Swedish national team became world champion in 2014 in Minsk took bronze, in the past year, has stumbled already in the quarterfinals (3:5 from the Russians). To repeat the achievement of three years ago the team Pen of Ports, the last tournament working with the team, will not be easy.

Per Morts manages the team of Sweden with the 2010-11 season. During this time, "Tre kronor" once won each of the three sets of medals of the world championship and won silver medals at the Olympic games in Sochi.

This spring, the Ports of one of the most important coaching tasks this time failed: Swedish stars do not want to play under the supervision of a mentor. Ports often successfully worked with young and inexperienced teams, but usually it was a few top prospects, now the list starts and ends on the forward of "Columbus" Alexander Wennberg.

After the world championship Morts will leave the team: world Cup taking her his assistant Rickard, Greenberg, memorable thanks to the "dismantling" of Oleg Znarka in Minsk during the world Cup-2014.

Despite the fact that Swedes in the NHL are getting bigger (their number is approaching 100 people), the number of players from the strongest League in the world in the application of "Tre Kronor" is still a modest six people (two weeks ago Morts counted 12-13 people). Is the goalkeeper Mastram (Vancouver), defenders Larsson (new Jersey) and Gustafsson (Chicago), forwards Backlund ("calgary"), Nyquist (Detroit) and Wennberg ("Columbus").

It is worth noting that such a starless team the Swedes were not long ago: the team for the 2016 world Cup will not help nearly 40 (!) Of the showcase. The reasons are many — injuries, bad relations with coach Pen Morts, tired after a hard season, no current contract, but the odds of this trend no no.

In particular, Lindback, Lehner, Adler, Ekman-Larsson, Enstrom, H. Lindholm, E. Lindholm, Rask, Sibania, Brodin, Linberg, Fast and Kruger — heal injuries. Players such as Lundqvist, Lindeskog, D. Eriksson, Larsson, Kronwall, Karlsson, Silfverberg, Soderberg, Eriksson L., Raquel, brothers Gray and Zetterberg refused to fight in the tournament. While the coaches, in turn, did not invite to the world Cup of Enroth, Gustafsson, Delbeke, Grossman, Klefbom, Josefsson, V. Karlsson, lander, Larsson, nordström. As you can see, there are players almost two squads.

The application of the Swedes at the world Cup now consists of 20 people. In addition to showcase six of the eight players in it are in the home championship, and three in Switzerland. From the KHL called three — the goalkeeper of CSKA of Fast, attacking Sjogren of "AK Bars" and Umark from "Salavat", which should be called the star in the current composition.

Umark is not playing in the NHL, but on large stages, its shortcomings are not so noticeable, but in skill he will not yield to any of angelovska forwards of this team. Back in the NHL, the Swede has turned into a real star of the KHL. In past years Umark turned out to be one of the last uncoupled from the tournament, but now the Morts had no right to abandon it. Last time omark are playing at the world Cup, speaking specifically to the KHL in the 2009-10 season he went to the national team as hockey player of the Moscow "Dynamo".

Low medal prospects only increases the status of the competition: Czechs "refuseniks" slightly less, and have the opportunity to compete for the top two places in the Moscow group even with the current version of the composition. Before the championship, the Swedes played with the Czechs two matches in the framework of the Euro tour: won first 7:2, the second lost 1:7.

* * *

The Sweden team at the world Cup-2016

Goalies Jacob Markstrom (Vancouver, NHL), Viktor Fast (CSKA, KHL)

defenders — Marcus Nygren ("Farjestad, Sweden), Adam Larsson (new Jersey, NHL), Johan Fransson (Servette, Switzerland), Erik Gustafsson (Chicago, NHL), Erik Gustafsson ("Kloten", Switzerland), Oscar Pantenburg ("Frølund, Sweden)

forwards — Mattias Ritola, Jimmy Eriksson, Martin Lundberg, John Norman (Skelleftea, Sweden), Gustav Nyquist (Detroit, NHL), Mattias Sjogren (AK bars, KHL), Mikael Backlund (calgary, NHL), Johan sundström (Frølund, Sweden), Alexander Wennberg ("Columbus", NHL), Linus omark are (Salavat Yulaev, KHL), Linus Clasen (Lugano, Switzerland), Robert Rosen ("Växjö, Sweden).