Baltic Cup Futsal has been held since 2008. The first four of the raffle, the winner of the trophy was the team of Latvia. In 2015 the tournament is the only time I was invited to the national team of Finland, who then took first place. Last year the tournament was attended Jelgava, and the best was again the national team of Latvia, becoming a five-time champion.

This time the tournament was held in šiauliai. Preparations for the tournament, the Latvian national team began on 4 December. In the application for the tournament were included nine players of the champion of Latvia Riga "Nickers" (Nerets, Canopy, Erofeev, Matyushenko, Avanesov, Y. pastors, Alekseev, Strazdins, ixtens), two representatives of the SLAVE (Bondar, Hertzberg), one of the "Beitar" (K. zabarovskis), FC "Petrov" (the Babes) and TFK rēzekne (Agos).

In the opening match of the tournament the national teams of Lithuania and Estonia played a draw — 2:2. The next day the Latvian national team defeated Estonians with the score 3:2 (1:1). Latvia scored two goals Erofeev (on the 16th and 22nd minutes) and the winning — captain Alekseev (on the 28th). The Estonians scored Grigoriev and Antonov.

A day later, in the match against the Lithuanians made his debut for the national team Aguls and Babes. In a decisive meeting guests for the first space suit and a tie, while the hosts needed only a victory. After the first time Lithuanian team was leading 1:0 on 22 minutes Erofeev levelled the score, but the opponent scored twice. In the end extens reduced the gap to 2:3, but to recoup failed.

Thus, the Lithuanian team scored 4 points and for the first time won the Baltic Cup Futsal. Latvia — 3 points and second place, Estonia — one point.