Why the two daughters, unlike sons, healthy, sick? The exact answer to this question even the experts can not give. The possible genetic cause of the disease Esther and Sarah when checking the family was not found. Mom suggests that the blame for birth injury and medical error, but this assumption is not proven.

The family lives in Talsi, with great difficulty they managed to get an apartment on the ground floor. Father and mother doing the best I can. Girls themselves don't eat and are constantly in diapers. Despite the severe restrictions, girls are happy, as all normal people: for example, they love walks in the wheelchair together with their parents.

Sarah before reaching the age of majority has the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation at the national rehabilitation center Vaivari and children's hospital gaiļezers. Local doctors believe the girl will learn to walk independently, but for some reason this is not happening.

With the assistance of the charity Fund "Faith, Hope, Love" both girls consulted in absentia in Saint-Petersburg. Sarah waiting there for further research and rehabilitation to after you try to do electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.

Have a hard time. But now there is hope that they will be able to put his feet though the youngest daughter Sarah. Everyone who was touched by plight of girls, please respond. The donated funds will be very useful and Esther as the girl needs a new bed.


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By calling 90006684, you will be able to transfer 1 Euro and 42 cents. Turning to the coordinates 90006560, You will donate the amount to 4 euros 27 cents.