The tug had to pull the plane to refuel before flying to Argentina. During the movement of the aircraft broke part of the mechanism that connected the plane with the tug. During rotation, the Boeing fell on an oncoming car.

As a result it damaged the bottom of the plane and two of its engine. Two ground-based operator of the tug were injured, now they are in the hospital. "We wish them as soon as possible to recover and, of course, we will closely monitor their condition," - said in the message.

Now there are engineers that specify the damage caused to the plane, but preliminary reports have been given to understand that the engines have to be replaced. Note that none of the members of Iron Maiden on Board at the time of the incident.

Later, the group said that the planned concert in Argentina will not face disruption. "No change in our tour is not planned. We are now looking for a replacement Boeing 747 Ed Force One, while our handsome "cured". Believe me, we'll get you one way or another, where ever you are," said the band's Manager Rod Smallwood.