"He wanted to blow himself up near Stade de France, but "backed off," said Molins, quoting Abdeslam.

Thus Molens emphasized that the first applications of Abdeslam should be treated with considerable skepticism, but the fact of his arrest is a huge breakthrough in the investigation of the attack.

According to the Agency, counsel for Abdeslam admitted that he was in Paris during the terrorist attacks, but other details not provided. It is reported that Abdeslam cooperated with law enforcement authorities and intends to oppose extradition to France, where, in his opinion, a fair trial in his case is impossible.

Independent lawyers say: the chance that the extradition did not take place, is minimal, but legal trouble can buy time to protect Abdeslam.

Abdeslam detained on 18 March during an operation in Brussels together with his accomplice named Monir Ahmed Alaa. On the trail of criminals the security forces helped found to go out this week, fingerprints and DNA samples. Together with them were detained three family members, providing them with housing.

According to police, in November last year, Abdeslam in France was carrying on death row for his Renault Clio.

The terrorist attacks in Paris occurred on 13 November last year. A group of Islamists launched a series of attacks. So, three jihadist detonated a "suicide belt" at the Stade de France during a friendly match between France and Germany, which was attended by French President Francois Hollande. The terrorists also attacked a cafe La Belle Equipe, La Casa Nostra pizzeria, bar Le Carillon, the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, Bataclan theatre. The victims of the attacks were 130 people, 352 were injured.