According to the NHS, the state average payment of one practice a family physician is 4320 euros per month. Additionally, the practice receives an annual payment on the evaluation of the quality of work to the average 654 euros per year, as well as patient contributions, an average of 3,300 euros per year.

As explained by the NHS, approximately 40% of family physicians or those who participated in the claimed by the Latvian Association of family physicians (LASU) protests will not be paid capitation money for the days when patients were not able to obtain state-paid health services.
The duty to ensure these services are provided by contract between family doctors and the NHS, said Talberga.

Capitalone money is just one part of monthly state funding practices of family physicians, and other state payments during the promotion period of the strike practice of the family doctors will receive.
Also practice family physicians will receive payment for the work of nurses and physician assistant, if at the time of the protest, they continued to provide patients state-paid services.

As noted by the Minister of health Anda Chakshu, the NHS will consider each case individually.

As reported, the Ministry of health and the NHS has written to family doctors statement, which States that those involved in the strike, will not receive the full amount of capitali a whole, not just part of the salary, has informed Agency LETA the representative of the Latvian Association of family doctors, lawyer Solvita Olsen.

In her opinion, such decision is unreasonable, because the amount of capitali only 56% of salaries, and the rest is spent on maintenance practices and other expenses. Therefore, given the fact that the practice worked, it is not clear why funding for family doctors will not be paid in full.