"The government of Latvia on 8 August decided to ban the use of Russian language in the state examinations in schools, including those that implement education programs of national minorities, the statement says STGS. - Russian Union of Latvia evaluates this decision as the resumption of "military operations" aimed at the expulsion of the Russian language of the education system of the Republic of Latvia".

Representatives of the party said that the ban on the use of the Russian language in the exams will lead to the fact that graduates of schools of national minorities in the near future will worsen the results of centralized examinations. "This in turn will further reduce opportunities for admission to the budget places in Latvian universities and the negative impact on enroll in a number of European universities. (..) Minority schools of Latvia will turn into Latvian for non-Latvian school children, increase segregation, apartially the nature of the Latvian democracy," - said of RSL.

The party is ready to initiate a protest against such policy of the government. "We think it advisable to resume the activities of the staff of protection of Russian schools. The time and place of the first actions will be announced later", - informs the STGS.

The staff of protection of Russian schools was established in April 2003 to counter the reform school ("Reform-2004"). The headquarters includes the party "For human rights in United Latvia", Latvian Association for support of schools with training in Russian, the Latvian Committee on human rights, United Congress of Russian communities of Latvia and other public organizations, and parent committees of schools, teachers and parents of students. Staff has held four mass rally, a few marches and pickets, strike and other protest actions.

In 2014 it was reported about the reopening of headquarters in connection with the Declaration of the government about changes in the linguistic proportions in the schools by 2018.