"For the peasant scythe — a familiar tool, but people should not be mowing as the grass," he said.

According to the Union leader, Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis for some reason "can't or won't understand the objective things," and therefore raised the question about mistrust to the Prime Minister. "We need a Prime Minister who will run the government in accordance with international practice," said caris. He believes that the government Kuchinskisa can but don't want to Fund health care better.

According to Caris, the Prime Minister and the Parliament need to seriously reflect on why the government expressed disbelief.Worry about the defense needed

but in Latvia no one dies because of the war. In addition, each year because of deficiencies in the health system, the state loses 1500 able-bodied people who said caris.

He added that 35 million euros is not enough to solve the problems of the industry, and people will not feel the improvement of the situation, however, any extra money should be assessed positively.

As reported, LPSS wants to Express no confidence in the Kuchinskis because the government action plan not mentioned a specific increase in healthcare funding as a percentage of GDP.