"This is bullying, due to the fact that young people from the Middle East who are accustomed to a certain lifestyle, in a situation where they really can do whatever I want, and no they will not give rebuff. So, it's time to let loose hands", - said the expert.

Events in Cologne reminded him of the fall of Rome. It is considered that Rome destroyed the barbarians. Actually, the reason is not the barbarians, but weak resistance to Roman society, says Chuprygin. In Europe people over the years have formed a habit, that life will give everything you need and don't need to fight.

Also, in his opinion, in Europe, there is a feminization of the male population. "This is a very dangerous trend. We observe that from time to time, political leaders suddenly announce themselves as representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation. And there is nothing funny in this. This means that Europe in recent decades has become a social organism that is unable to resist the challenges of life," - says the Russian orientalist.

He refers to history, Recalling that when Europe was developing, there was all right. People were tough enough to defend the interests of his community. "Remember, Protestantism originated in the struggle for their rights and against the Catholic Church, which had all the controls. For this we must have courage, determination and strength. Now, this is nothing," says Cuprisin.