By April 30 announced through tenders cost was four times less than in 2015. However, not yet complete, the contests, says RBC, and those that have been conducted, costing the authorities more than last year.

The most expensive to the organizers of the parade will cost the transportation of military: the initial price of the contract amounted to nearly 159 million rubles, the final cost is still unknown. In 2015, for these purposes spent 126 million.

The main place in the skies over the capital on May 9 will take the aircraft distinguished themselves in the Syrian campaign. Over red square will fly a Sukhoi su-24 and su-34, su-25 multi-role fighters su-30. In addition, for the first time on red square will be the columns of the newly created Air and space forces (VKS) and the national guard (Resguardo).

The design of red square and Vasilevsky Descent will cost at 47.3 million against 26 million a year earlier. For 300 thousand rubles rose parade rehearsal on the Alabino polygon in the Moscow region.

Tender in 2016 is not yet spent for the concert on red square. Last year the concert, which began with the passage area of the biker club "Night wolves" a cost of 200 million rubles.

This year in the parade on red square will be attended by ten thousand soldiers, 71 aircraft and a hundred pieces of ground equipment. For comparison, a year earlier, the parade was attended by 16 thousand troops, 193 military vehicles, including tank "Armata", 143 aircraft and helicopters.

In April, the manufacturer is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-400 "Almaz-Antey"has said that he would refuse their demonstration at the parade in Moscow for the sake of economy.