NG: excellent thesis

Why is the opposition allowed to the Federal air? With this question in the editorial of the latest issue of versed, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". We are talking about Ksenia Sobchak and Grigorii Yavlinsky, who had been on the Federal channels, and in Prime time. "The critical thesis Sobchak and Yavlinsky unpopular, so the government", — said the newspaper.

"The independent" explains that the ether is organized in such a way that candidates from non-parliamentary opposition reproduce the standard liberal discourse. But this is not a promotion of the values of the market and freedom from government intervention in private economic life and human rights and Pro-Western agenda. It is such and not other accents do not leave neither Sobchak nor Yavlinsky's chances in the elections, and the victory of the candidate of the government comprehensively legitimizing, says the publication.

"Power, or rather, the Kremlin spin doctors admit the criticism that I think is sociologically safe, writes "NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta". — The economy — is another matter. If we assume that to the fore in the campaign at some point there will be economic questions, the candidate of the power and can "swim".

"Vedomosti": the Tsar good, boyars bad

The newspaper "Vedomosti" in an editorial comment about the attitude of the President to the promise given to the business — not to raise the tax burden: they wrote him a letter, which complained of the Prime Minister Medvedev. The government, the newspaper, and had violated the President's moratorium, but now the new rules of the game are published strictly at the wrong time — when the business plans for next year have been drawn up.

New levies business sees as a direct violation of the promises, write "sheets", but for Vladimir Putin, it is hardly the case, says the newspaper is one thing — correct statements in conversation about strategic plans for the future, the other the solution of specific problems of today. "In a personalistic system, built by the President, the status of his promises, rather than institutions, explains the newspaper. In this system, the promises made and can back to take money, no, but hold necessary".

Business as a source of money to solve today's problems convenient: it is not the money of a particular voter, and the money is "in General", said political analyst Nikolai Petrov. "Vedomosti" consider that a public appeal the President fail to act — press Secretary of the President to regions has already promised to allocate 100 billion rubles, but the main concern is the uncertainty and variability rules of the game are not removed.

NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta and Kommersant: positive stagnation

Central media reports of a slowdown in economic indicators in Russia. In particular, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", citing the words of the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Andrei Klepach says that industrial production next year may be even lower than in the present.

He said NG, not the only one who does not believe in the imminent "industrial breakthrough". Previously, many domestic economists doubt government forecasts of industrial growth, believing that domestic production is at best threatened by "several years of stagnation, the positive".

The concerns of the representative of the VEB statistics also confirms, the newspaper continues. According to reports Rosstat, industrial production in Russia in October 2017 in annual terms growth slowed to zero from 0.9% in September. In January-October the increase was yoy 1,6%.

The publication notes that the slowdown of industrial production is not too fit into the forecasts of the Ministry, which expects a two per cent industrial growth for the year. In addition, the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin expect in the next three years, industrial production will grow 2.5% a year. However, the newspaper, yet these plans is weakly feasible.

The newspaper "Kommersant" article on the same topic notes that a single version explaining what happened, have no experts. For example, the Ranepa adhere to versions that real disposable incomes have fallen due to reductions in informal payments amid rising official — that is, wages.

Igor Polyakov from Cmake calls the main reason for the estimated fall in real income, the growth of credit debt of households, non-food products and mortgages — the latter growing in volume especially fast.

"News": the additional control will not prevent?

The newspaper "Izvestia" says that in 2019 in Russia, you may receive a registry of Internet stores eligible to work in the country. This initiative was made by the CPS. The proposal concerns not only domestic but also foreign online traders. When you register at the Federal tax service will be obliged to include their web address — it should save the Internet from the shadow of Commerce.

The newspaper writes that the proposed sanctions for refusing to register or excluded from the white list is still unknown. But, according to experts, is not registered on the websites of the shops will be blocked.

Director of legal Department Nadezhda Belova noted that the tax authorities already have the information on the website, if there is accept payment. It is envisaged by the terms of use of cash terminals.

"On the Internet everything is dynamic, so maintaining the current registry would require a lot of resources. If you make such a requirement part of the permitting process, the market will further go into the shadows, she said. — In our view, additional regulation is not required, it is necessary to ensure uniform enforcement of the code. And then someone freely sell alcohol, and someone for this site is blocked".

But the head of the Regional public center of Internet technologies Sergey Grebennikov considers the initiative to create a registry very correct. In his opinion, it ought to do earlier.