"NG": "man of action"

"The independent newspaper" in the editorial of the latest issue of trying to understand why Vladimir Putin has still not announced his nomination for the presidential post and what are the pros and cons will bring him a late start of the campaign.

The newspaper notes that Putin has no problems neither with health, nor with a rating of obvious reasons that could prevent him from participating in the electoral race. And when in such conditions the nomination of delay, the newspaper, the open policy instead of politics.

What benefits can give Putin a late campaign start? asks "NG". First, according to the publication, he at the moment is not a subject of specific criticism. It staff do not have to respond to personal accusations — especially by those who would subsequently be screened by the CEC, do not collect the required signatures, etc. may not preclude the newspaper that in January in the presidential race will be only Putin and "proved" opponents who sharply criticize it will not.

Second, writes "Independent", the headquarters of Putin, perhaps just allowing all potential participants of the campaign to speak, and voters to evaluate their competence. "In this case, the drama of the nomination of the incumbent President is understandable, the newspaper says. — First citizens several weeks or even months to hear politicians of all stripes — from Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky to Sobchak, convinced of the emptiness of their proposals, disappointed, but then goes into the arena the only "man of action", that is Vladimir Putin".

"Vedomosti": the President is not threatened

The newspaper "Vedomosti" commented on the possibility of moving the annual address to the Federal Assembly from December 2017 to February 2018. "It is possible to transfer the annual address will violate the Constitution, but no penalty for this President is not threatened", — the newspaper writes.

However, according to Professor of Higher school of Economics Elena Lukyanova, the message and so became the main speech in the report of the President to Parliament, in which the President talks about the situation in the country and major directions of domestic and foreign policy.

Law Professor Ilya shablinsky notes that the Constitution does not specify how should be spoken rhythmically messages: one message can be in December, another in February, but it should be once a year. But the pass of the year can already be considered a violation of the Constitution. Sanctions for it is not provided, but it is the President you can specify notes sablinski.

The Constitution establishes the procedure for the announcement of the annual message of the President, but not konkretisiert the timing of such interventions