"Meldonium is no longer relevant, we found a replacement — said Uiba. — Our products do not belong to the list of prohibited and thus work in better times. Their names can't call it copyright, but I responsibly declare, Meldonium have something to replace".

Recall that Meldonium has been included in the WADA list of prohibited substances from January 2016, after which a number of Russian athletes were suspended from competition because of positive tests for this substance. It later emerged that a withdrawal period of Meldonium from the body detail has not been examined, and many of the defendants were pardoned. And most of all from famous athletes injured Maria Sharapova, who lost due to disqualification.

Over the past year, the Agency conducted a large-scale research work (worth 1.66 million euros) for the evaluation of the effects of Meldonium in human body. In the result, the Russian doctors found that the drug tends to accumulate in the liver and ingested only when it is required. Curious and following the hypothesis of FMBA, according to which the term of Meldonium excretion from the body depends on the nationality.

According to Vladimir Uiby, Russian doctors WADA proved that in the case of Meldonium there is individual accumulation, so in this case it is impossible to accuse the man of doping and treat melidoniou like a normal drug.

Recall that Meldonium was synthesized in the mid 1970-ies in the Institute of organic synthesis, Latvian Academy of Sciences. Currently, the drug is manufactured by Grindex under the name of "Mildronate".