• Russia will spend 850 million euros to restore the infrastructure of Syria

  • The parties signed a number of agreements totaling 850 million euros

    Russia has signed several agreements with the Syrian government about the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Arab country, according to RIA Novosti.

    "The Russian side responded to the idea of restoring the infrastructure, in connection with which was signed a lot of deals with the Russian side, among them the agreement in the amount of 600 million euros and 250 million euros," — said the Prime Minister of Syria Wael al-Chaliki.

    The Syrian official noted that the country has more than half of the stations don't work.

    "However, despite the fact that Syria has undergone, it has managed to maintain the infrastructure. Left network, connecting the North — Qamishli — and South to Dara'a. Electricity is still being supplied. However, the production of electricity is based on fuel, while the oil sector has been even more terrorism than the power sector," said al-Chaliki.

    According to him, for the production of electricity, Syria needs 35 thousand tons of oil daily.

    "Today we take these volumes in order to use them 24 hours a day during the month that this process is not interrupted," said the Syrian Prime Minister.

    Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that the operation in Syria, Russia cost 33 billion rubles from the budget of the Ministry of defense to conduct exercises and boathouse.


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