"For example, Graham Phillips had the feeling that it specifically singled out a group of journalists and intentionally made him with all these actions, in pursuit of some defined goal... I want to say that everything that now occurs in Latvia, a special surprise does not cause. This is, in General, the links of one chain. And I hope that this case will be reflected in the respective statements of the OSCE representatives on freedom of the media", — said Zakharov.

As previously reported, on March 16 events in Riga British journalist and blogger Graham Phillips tried to overtake a column of legionaries and their supporters with cries of: "Why do you glorify fascism?". Police arrested him and then expelled from Latvia.

Summing up 16th of March, journalists NP also note that in Riga helpers Phillips was Maxim Koptelov, who had introduced the crew More Personīga as an "independent journalist". (Koptelov was recently sentenced to six months in prison for collecting signatures on the Internet petition on the accession of Latvia to Russia).

We also know that to support the Latvian anti-fascists on the March 16 events was about a radical child of the left German party Die Linke. Most of the German left in Latvia was not allowed, however, to capital of Latvia got a young German antifascists.

On the March 16 events at the Freedom monument were also seen Russian national Bolsheviks — Alexander Kurkin and Andrey Popko, who spent some time trying to get into the territory of a military base in Adazi. Together with them journalists noticed and a local resident, Eugene Sirakova, which is considered an adherent of Vladimir Linderman.