Russia through the intermediary appealed to the English court for the recovery from the Ukraine penalty interest for default on the bonds. The suit was filed operates in the interests of the Russian company The Law Debenture Trust Corp., which is the principal for the issue of the Ukrainian Eurobonds, according to Deutsche Welle with reference to RBC.

In addition to the main debt in the amount of 3,075 billion, and Moscow expects to get from Kiev and penalty interest in the amount of $ 62 million. Furthermore, the plaintiff demands that for each day of non-payment of the debt of the Ukrainian side was charged extra 683,33 thousands of dollars (at the rate of 8 per cent).

The lawsuit States that "due to Ukraine's refusal to pay the attorney (Trustee) and the Ministry of Finance (as the sole holder of the securities) have suffered losses and damages to be assessed" during the trial. In the account included the unpaid 3,075 billion dollars, penalty interest, as well as "various other expenses" for the protection of rights under the bond issue.

As reported, in February this year, the Russian Finance Ministry filed a lawsuit against Ukraine in London's High court. Kiev is accused of nonpayment of the credit in 3 billion dollars. It comes to the debt issued at the end of 2013 Ukrainian Eurobonds for $ 3 billion, which were bought by Russia. Kiev needs to repay the debt on 21 December 2015 and 31 December expired the grace period for settlement of the dispute.

17 last December the IMF Executive Board has recognized the official status of the debt of Ukraine to Russia on Eurobonds. The next day Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the introduction of a moratorium on payment of debt to Russia, after which the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov announced that Moscow will appeal against failure to pay debt in court.

In the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine say they are willing to defend against "any claim".