"According to the document from the Russian rent derived 11 600 hectares of land close to the villages of Toretam and Akay and transferred to Kyzylorda region for further development of her socio-economic infrastructure," — said in the message.

The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova and Minister of health of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov signed a Protocol about changes to agreement for health services for employees of the Baikonur cosmodrome and residents of nearby communities.

In 2017, Baikonur, Russia conducted 11 launches of space rockets, three launch will be finished before the New year, reports TASS. Next year it is planned to increase the number of starts — this is due to continued implementation of launch programs using the carrier rocket "proton-M" and manned space programs and commercial projects.

In April of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia decided to continue cooperation with Kazakhstan on use of Baikonur cosmodrome in the long term, as well as to develop new types of rocket space technology.

The Baikonur cosmodrome (KAZ. Bayk oң COP "rich valley") is the first and largest spaceport in the world. Located on the territory of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region between the town of Casale and the village of Zhosaly, near the village of Toretam. Covers an area of 6717 square kilometers.

Built and used as the main, and largest cosmodrome in the USSR (the first launch was held in 1957), after the collapse of the Soviet Union the cosmodrome from the Federal property transferred to the jurisdiction of which became the independent Republic of Kazakhstan, reports "Wikipedia".

City Baikonur and cosmodrome Baikonur together makes a complex "Baikonur", leased by Russia from Kazakhstan for the period up to 2050. Operation of the spaceport is worth about 9 billion rubles a year (the rent of Baikonur makes 115 million dollars, another 1.5 billion roubles a year Russia spends on the maintenance of objects of the cosmodrome). In addition, Federal budget of Russia in the city budget of Baikonur annually transferred to 1.16 billion rubles. In General, the spaceport and the city cost the Russian budget 10.16 billion per year.

By 1999 Russia acknowledged the debt for the rent of the cosmodrome and other military objects in Kazakhstan in the amount of $1,893 billion Question of debt of the 1990s have been resolved in a number of agreements — mutual settlements for the debts of Kazakhstan to RAO UES, the supply of aircraft, supply of railway wagons. Fully debt-1990s were repaid in 2004.

By 2009, the Russian military left the complex "Baikonur", Baikonur is fully transferred to the Russian space Agency. In 2010, the spaceport was only one military unit disbanded in December 2011.

The territory of the cosmodrome represents a hilly terrain, rugged in the southern part from East to West, the Syr Darya river. The city and a number of residential and industrial sites of the cosmodrome is well landscaped. The climate is continental with low rainfall (120 mm), large number of Sunny days