"We expect... in the near future should consult with the Latvian colleagues in the humanitarian and human rights issues. Will raise, of course, this subject, like many other issues related to the widespread infringement of the rights of Russian-speaking residents, many of whom are "non-citizens" in this country continues", - he stressed.

According to Dolgov, such actions are not only a disgrace to Latvia itself, but also for the whole European Union, because such processions and marches are contrary to the results of the Nuremberg trials.

"These marches are absolutely shameful thing. This spot not only in Latvia, is a stain on the EU, quite frankly. Because we again say that no one has canceled the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in reply we say... it's freedom of expression," said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

What happened in Riga on March 16 - details in the material Delfi.