The request of the Deputy (copy also have bi-Bi-si) was of five editions of the talk show, in which he discussed raping Shurygino. Rashkin found that the releases violate the law "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development".

"In the programs described sexual violence, with compassion for the victim in the person of Diana Shurygina the public does not arise. Sympathy rather causes a young man convicted of a rape," - said the Communist.

Rashkin said Shurygina has become the object of "harassment and bullying". From his point of view, the girl's family had been subjected to "harassment and threats", in particular, due to the lighting of the crime, "the First channel". The Deputy also noticed that Shurygina in the program talked about their experience of alcohol, with her attitude cannot be described as "negative".

The case of Diana Shurygina became widely known in late February, when it began to write the media. In December 2016, the Leninsky district court of Ulyanovsk recognised 21-the summer local Sergey Semenova guilty of raping a girl and sentenced him to eight years in colony of strict regime. Later the term was reduced to three years and three months in a General regime colony.

After several editions of "Let them talk" in social networks, a group bringing together supporters of Semenov, who considered the sentence unjust. They accused Shurygin in promiscuity, the girl and her family began to receive threats.