"The movement "Rock-Petrograd" acting for the purity of the concept of "Russian Rock", understanding under this name only by the Soviet rock band, takes the initiative to stop another tremendous promotion of the next clip of the Cord, not having, from our point of view, no relation to Russian rock music," says on page movements in the social network "Vkontakte".
The Association called on the administrators of thematic online communities and editors music radio stations "to facilitate the promotion of musical and poetic creations of Mr. Cord is under the guise of "Russian rock".

Internet users have given mixed reviews to this initiative: some of them suggested that "defenders of the ideals of Russian rock" jealous of the success of the "Leningrad" in silence. Itself Cords has not commented on the proposal to "wean" him from a group of Russian rock.

30 APR, YouTube has a new video for "Leningrad" under the name "Peter – to drink." As noted by the leader of the group, for a half day the video has received half a million views. It is not excluded that the new music video beat the previous record of the "Leningrad": the video for the song "exhibit a" (the listeners also known as "Louboutins") gathered almost 70 million views. The movie has earned incredible popularity – and not only in Russia but also abroad.