In conversation with journalists, the father of the suspect Rauf Fataliyev said that his son usually in the evenings goes for a walk in the Park, which is near their home and the murder site is located 35 kilometres. "I come home from work tired in the evening, went to bed. The day before he went to the Park. Out at 8-9 PM, but usually 11-12 in the night has returned," said he.

According to Fatalieva, Sr., on April 24, the day after the murder, his son never gave no sign that something bothering him. In addition, and during the following week he went with his father to the construction site and was in a good mood.

"On Sunday, he was normal. I now talked with those with whom we have worked, maybe someone noticed the changes in him. After all, even if the dog is going to kill the experience is. But the son was not depressed," explained Fataliyev-senior.

At the same time the sister of Elmira Fatalieva the suspect complained of threats from militiamen. "At the first interrogation, investigators are on I just pressed. I never did go in for questioning. And yesterday they started to shout at me: "I'm in Syzran lucky, I will be there two or three days to sit." Then he started to call someone, they say, are going to choke. I was scared that I did that I had to choke. Come on, say, admit that you knew everything", — says the girl.

According to her, in response to threats she stated to law enforcement that can tell us what he knows from the media. After that threat ended, she added.

Meanwhile, the journalists of the TV channel found that a novel Fataliyev earlier already came into the view of militiamen when he was in school, he extorted money from other teenagers. In 2007, 14-year-old Fataliyev, who at that time was in the fifth class, was under investigation. Along with his friend, he approached one of the disciples and punched him in the back, and then demanded 300 rubles. The boy refused, then Fataliyev attacked him and started beating him.

At that time the dock was only one Fataliyev. His friend at the time had not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility. As a result, the court found the minor guilty and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and a fine.

On the morning of 1 may, the Investigative Committee reported the arrest of three immigrants from Central Asia on suspicion in the brutal massacre of the family of the former chief of police of Syzran. It was declared that operation on detention has passed in the Samara region on 30 April and 1 may. In this case the media reported that one of the suspects managed to escape in Tajikistan.

Later the representative of Department Vladimir Markin told journalists that the detainees started to give grateful evidences. Thus, according to him, the acknowledgment found one of the main versions considered by a consequence, — assault. "During the searches were found items that were stolen during a robbery, in particular the identity of the police officer," said Markin.

Earlier media reported that two detainees, brothers Alexander and Eugene Nushtaeva, arrived from Uzbekistan. It was also reported that two detainees had recently been granted Russian citizenship, and the third is a residence permit.

Hosta and five family members discovered in his parents ' house in the village Ivashevo Syzransky district. It was reported that they were beaten with rebar or bits of many — in the dream. Criminals are not spared of a child: a girl born in 2009 survived and was hospitalized in intensive care with serious injuries. She is in a coma.

The criminal case was initiated under part 2 of article 105 (Murder of two and more persons) and part 3 of article 30 ("Attempt at murder") the criminal code.