Nikita Kamaev died last year at age 52 from a sudden heart attack after skiing.

"He's my friend from school and never complained about his heart or any health problems, says Rodchenkov in the film. — He had a young wife. They dreamed of children — I talked to him the day before. It is dangerous to write a book in Russia".

In the film, Rodchenkov also reported that on the eve of the 2012 Olympics was in London at the invitation of the organizers, where he familiarized himself with how it will be the fight against doping, reports

This information, according to the British edition The Guardian, which published details of the investigation of doping frauds in Russia (film "Icarus" will be shown August 4), helped Rodchenkova to hide the facts of banned substances the Russian athletes at the Games in London and Sochi. The scientist acknowledged that without this knowledge the Russian doping system would have collapsed long before he left the country two years ago.

"Just imagine how important was the information from the London laboratory for the national team of Russia, — says Rodchenkov. — Without this, all of the Russian doping system would have collapsed".

Grigory Rodchenkov from 1985 to 1994 worked for the Moscow anti-doping center, and in 1998, he joined in the anti-doping centre in calgary, Canada. After returning to Russia, Rodchenkov has held positions in several petrochemical companies and in 2005 became the acting Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise "Antidoping center". The following year he headed the center.

In may 2016, in an interview for a documentary about the doping American film Director Brian Fogel Rachenkov said that he personally developed mixture of illegal drugs and helped to carry out the substitution of doping tests Russian athletes participating in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. He said the involvement of Russian secret services in the substitution of doping tests that were later included in the report of the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren.

In December last year on a press-conferences the President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed the opinion of informants, in particular, about Grigory Rodchenkov, on the testimony which was founded doping allegations against Russian athletes.

Putin said that no state support doping in Russia, and the problem with doping is in any country. According to him, the investigation of VAD was based on the testimony of "informants who fled abroad".

"If we talk about the so-called informers, who fled abroad and hand in there all at once or think of something, maybe. I can't remember the name of the citizen who ran away. He was the head of the Russian anti-doping Agency. He's before that where he worked? In Canada. And then what to do? Came to Russia and being appointed to high office, dragged here the dirtiest," said Putin.

"I can imagine that moving across the borders of Canada and USA with these drugs, he never was never seen. He is always here this stuff pulled. Brought this up in your personal business, forcing people to take and apply.

And those who refused, such as swimmers, he is against them came up with any sanctions. Then when he pinned the tail failed to put it simply, he escaped. And there began, defending himself and ensuring his place in the sun. Keeping in mind that he will create conditions for normal life. Well, at some point will create. Then, as any villain will throw all. Anyone are not needed. What he is not fought?", — asked Putin a question.

"To me this suggests that he was who he was. Waited a certain point and made stuffing. But this does not mean that we do not. We have to fight it" — said the President of the Russian Federation.

"Russia never created any state system of doping and support of doping. It is simply impossible, and we will do everything so that this never happened. We have, as in any other country, the problem with doping is. We need to recognize it and, recognizing it, to do everything to prevent this. And in this regard to work closely with the IOC and WADA and other international organizations. And we're going to do it," — said Putin.

"I am sure that the activities of any anti-doping Agency should be transparent, understandable, and verifiable. International sport community needs to know who checks, when, by what means, what are the results and what steps have been taken to punish the guilty.

Is that a defensive sphere? No. And why is it behind closed doors done? It is not clear. It has to be revealed. All called for transparency. In this area it is needed. Of course, there is a certain political component in all of these cases. Need to clean up the sport from any policy. Sports and culture — something that should unite people, not divide them", — concluded Putin.