In the opening match of the finals "nickers" the house defeated the Challenger for the title with a score 9:0 in the second in Spunciems — 6:1. The third match took place on 30 April in the capital Olympic centre, became the most intense in the entire series.

Most of the first half, the players of "Beitar" in anything I tried not to give in to the champion. Avanesov put the hosts ahead in the 8th minute, but eight minutes later the former nicaraven Andrey Shustrov restored equality— 1:1.

And yet at half time the team Orlando Duarte left in the lead. The second time the national team took the lead after hitting Maxim Senya — 2:1. Shortly after the start of the second half Canopy has been removed. And in the 27th minute of the "Beitar" again vyrovnal the situation on the court: Vladimir Teren changed the numbers of 2:2. Then scored only hosts. The third goal was scored by Oskar Ikstens, then two in a row — Artem Kolesnikov, summed up Yuriy Arkhipov-Prokofiev— 6:2.

Thus, "Nikars" for the ninth season in a row wins the gold of the championship of Latvia. The team has long been the most decorated in Latvia, with each new season, everything is improving their achievement.

In the past season "nickers" at the preliminary stage, scored 13 wins and one draw (against FC "Peter" — 3:3), and in the playoffs he added another eight victories and one defeat on penalties) in the quarterfinals was passed MOUTH (series 2-0) in the semi — SLAVE (3-1) in the final — "Beitar" (3-0). For comparison: in the season of 14/15 "nicorovici" won the victory in all matches of the championship, which nobody before in Latvia has never been managed.

And "Beitar" under the leadership of Mikhail Kurnatovskogo and Michael Busel in his debut season in the Premier League Futsal immediately reached silver awards. Recall that in the series for 3-e a place of a SLAVE exceeded Riga "Daugavpils" (2-1) and were awarded bronze medals.

The best scorer of the season was Maxim Canopy. Universal of "Nikara" scored in total in the preliminary stage and playoff exactly 50 goals, far ahead from the rest.

This season was the 19th in the history of the national Championships of Latvia. The first championship was held in the season of 97/98, then gold medals were won Daugavpils "Speedway". Since all the other titles took only Riga team. In addition to nine-time champion "Nickers" (2008-2016) Champions of Latvia became a command such as the AUG (1999), "Lido" (2000), police FC (2001, 2002),-OMA (2003), "Bugroff" (2004), SLAVE (2005, 2006) and "Kimmel" (2007).

It is also worth noting that the final of the Cup of Latvia "nickers" — TFK rēzekne/TRANS" which was to be held April 24, in the result pending at the beginning of next season. This is due to the fact that the head coach of the club Vitaly rezeknenskoj Vaskans these days together with the Junior national team of Latvia is located in Sochi at the Olympics.

The final

NICKERS — Beitar 6:2 (2:1)

Goals: 8 Avanesov, Canopy 19, Extens 29, Kolesnikov, 31, 37, Arkhipov-Prokofiev 39 — Shustrov 16, Teren 27.

Removal: Canopy 23 (Nicar).

The end of the series: 3-0 in favor of "Nikara".

Scorers of the championship (preliminary round and play-offs): Canopy (nickers) — 50, Kolesnikov (nickers) — 24, Ederson (SLAVE) — 22, Diakinesis (nickers) — 19, Atamanov (Daugavpils) — 16, Alekseev (nickers) — 15, Kravchenko (Monarch), Chistyakov (new project) — 14...

Photo — press-service of Nicara".