According to the plans of the Department of ownership, in September of this year the building will be reconstructed to September of the next year there started elementary school 64-th Riga high school. Currently training in the 64-th Riga high school is conducted in two shifts, and after the renovation of the school building on a street Burtnieks, 34 it will be learning the pupils 1-4 classes, have informed Delfi in the Duma.

The property, which plans to buy the town, consists of two land plots and 5061 5153 sq. meters. Owners were presented with several sharing options, which they have refused. Therefore, the purchase of both plots would cost the government in 414 thousand euros.

After land consolidation, in 2017 they will be built a modern stadium with sports facilities, game elements and devices for physical exercises, which could include not only students but also local residents.

The decision to purchase the land will come into force after its approval by the Riga city Council.