One of the projects is the construction of bikeways Imanta — Daugavgriva, which will be required of 2.17 million euros. The funds will borrow in the state Treasury. In addition, the second phase of reconstruction of the South bridge to 30,26 million euros, which will also be taken in the state Treasury.

More of 9.82 million euros needed to update the road surface Brivibas street, Kalpaka Boulevard, the streets of Merkel and leather. And 4 million euros will be needed for the renovation of educational institutions: it is planned to renovate 12 schools.

It also became known that the Committee of the Riga city Council financial and administrative Affairs podderzhal the budget of Riga in 2018, which is expected with a deficit of 48.28 million euros.

It is planned that the revenue budget of the municipality will be 906,62 million euros, including 702,66 million Euro tax revenues, 145,10 million Euro transfers in the state budget, 28,17 million euros — revenues of budgetary institutions and 23,53 € million — non-tax revenues, such as rental, fees.

Budget expenditures will amount to 954,90 million euros, including 784,69 million euros salaries and social benefits, 170 million Euro of capital expenditure.

For the construction of the southern bridge of 53.89 million euros allocated, LLC "Rigas satiksme" — 108,39 million euros, for the repair of municipal roads and streets — of 10.44 million euros. 68,71 million, the Riga city Council will invest in investment projects, 4.3 million euros — in ransom territories.

40 million euros will be invested in renovation of municipal ownership and maintenance of the infrastructure of educational, medical, cultural and social institutions, 14 million euros will be the cost of the reconstruction of the Big stage in mežaparks.