We are talking about the plan developed by the Department of housing and the environment, which allocated from the city budget of almost 50 million euros for the next two years. The Deputy Chairman of the Department of environment Lana Puntus acknowledged that currently the budget has no money even to restore existing public toilets.

The Director of housing and environment Anatoly Oleksiyenko believes adequate planned expenditure of 90 thousand Euro for the construction of one toilet. "If we make it out of wood, the price will be up to 10 thousand. If do the modern, which will last a long time — these two countries produce. Czech Republic and China. Last time we chose Czech toilets. And as you can see, they are beautiful and still working, despite the vandalism," explained Alekseenko.

According to officials, the capital is not enough public restrooms — need more to build them to multiple destination public transport in a number of places for rest, playgrounds and parks. But at the moment the government can only repair existing ones.