One niche for four urns with ashes. They can be stored for 20 years, renewable.

Columbarium II at Forest cemetery is almost completed, remaining out of work, which need warm weather to put the lawn. Just built 288 columbarium niches.

The final decision on charges for use of the columbarium will take the Riga city Council.

Currently in Riga on 26 cemeteries, including 20 municipal and six ecclesiastical. Free space for burials, there are only two cemeteries — Bolderaja, Jaunciems and. Cemetery Tornakalna, Martina and Capsela closed, that is, there is allowed to put only ashes in family graves. The rest of the cemetery are closed partially to bury only in existing graves.

Cemeteries in Riga occupies an area of 450 hectares, and each year they buried an average of 7,000 people. In 10% of cases relatives decide on cremation.