Despite the unusual painting, the electric bus will operate as a normal bus, to perform the functions of the public transport of Riga: passengers will need to register an e-card or to buy a ticket.

"So far, the city isn't going to purchase the buses — it is only free tests. We can immediately note that the transport emissions is undoubtedly a big plus. But the downside is that the possibilities of use of this electric bus is limited to the longest routes. You will need to carefully evaluate all possible options," said the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov.

According to the passport data, without charging electric bus can cover the distance of 150 kilometers. However, subsequent charging takes five to six hours.

"Charging of such a vehicle, in comparison with the bus, which uses regular fuel, in the last ten years gives a financial benefit in the amount of 30-40%. It should also be noted that electric buses is ecological, environmentally friendly form of transport that does not harmful emissions into the atmosphere. While it is short, free test. Will continue to watch and look for the best option for the city," said the mayor in his profile on Facebook.