According to Kuchinskisa, at the beginning of any reform there is always a lot of questions, but any reforms will not be carried out without prior analysis, because the situation in the ministries and different state institutions.

Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola mentioned as an example, the state revenue Service, which initially resisted the reforms, but then fulfilled the goal of reducing the number of employees at 10%.

"Must be a clear mechanism to enable the Agency head to decide which employee is important and what is not. For example, some Agency heads expressed a desire to leave young employees", — said the Minister.

Each Ministry in the reduction of employees can be flexible in their approach. Indicator 6% is set to an objective goal, said the head of the Chancellery Janis ciskowski.

The Prime Minister added that to abandon the criterion of reduction of 6% is not necessary, but in specific areas, each Ministry will make the decision by yourself.