During the meeting the Ministers discussed current international issues, the situation in the Western Balkans, the process of integration of Montenegro in NATO and the EU, and also bilateral cooperation between Latvia and Montenegro.

In conversation rinkēvičs congratulated Montenegro, stressing that "Montenegro's accession to NATO is not only a good message to all candidate countries to continue reforms, but also evidence that third countries have no influence on the process of NATO enlargement".

The foreign Minister reiterated the support of Latvia's integration of Montenegro into the EU and encouraged them to continue implementing the necessary reforms. "It is important to expand the zone of stability and security, which provides membership in the EU and NATO," speaking about the situation in the Western Balkans, said Rinkevich.

At the meeting the Ministers also discussed the accession of Montenegro to the EU. Rinkevich believes that Montenegro has done a lot, but there are some things you need to continue. He believes that the enlargement of the EU will be a signal that the "European project" is successful, and an example for other Balkan States.

"We in the EU already long ago used to be part of the 28 countries that with the release of the UK there is a feeling that something is missing. I'll be glad if the EU again will soon be 28 countries", — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia.

Darmanovic thanked him for his kind reception and called Latvia a country that after the restoration of independence have achieved a lot in the development. He bound the mutual understanding between countries, their common history.

Darmanovic called on NATO and the EU to intensify the country. At the same time, he realizes how much remains to be done to the country before to join the EU, and expressed hope for the support of Latvia.

Both Ministers emphasized that bilateral relations are friendly, and agreed on the need to expand the political dialogue and economic cooperation.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Montenegro will be in Latvia on may 18.