Friday in the forest Excelsio region, which serves the Riga forests, were planted 5500 spruce saplings on an area of 2.2 hectares. "We are planting ten times more trees than are cut down. Therefore, what comes Riga for Christmas, comes back to haunt them", — said the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov.

Christmas trees planted around the nursery Rīgas meži — Norupe, will serve as a barrier for the growing nearby very valuable sonnen the mast.

The Chairman of the Board Rīgas meži Aivars Taurins acknowledged that planting trees showing great interest in the students. "Wishing so much that, at first, please clean up the garbage left in the woods, and then the most diligent give the opportunity to plant trees," said he.

Overall in the spring season of this year have already restored 262 hectares of forest and it is planned to restore a further 82 hectares of forest, planted on a total area of 344 hectares, 1.1 million seedlings of pine, spruce, birch and black alder.

Most (825 700, or 74,3%) in forests owned by the municipality of Riga, this spring were planted pine seedlings. The second most common tree species is spruce. Just this season planted 176 to 200, or 15.8%, of spruce saplings.