One on the way threw a small object, as it turned out, it was a stone. Police managed to catch a fugitive in a nearby yard: the guy was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. He could not explain why he carried a stone and for some reason decided to throw it out.

A second teenager was found not far from the place where detained his friend. How note in the Riga municipal police, the young man hid under a car. He refused to give up their personal information, so the police decided to bring friends to the station.

When they were taken from the police van, one of the guys tried to escape, but got stuck in the barbed wire on the fence. To assist on the scene called an ambulance. Fortunately, everything worked out minor scratches.

The police found that two Teens had consumed alcohol, and one of them was earlier declared wanted. For the further prosecution of it handed over to the state. Regarding the second initiated the administrative process.