The public discussion of transferred buildings and 713 251 unit of land with the goal of assigning addresses in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet, the press service of the Riga city Council.

During public comment on the facades of buildings that you want to change the address, there will be information about the new possible address, and residents will be able to Express their reasoned opinion by completing the questionnaire.

More information is available on the website of the Riga Construction Board in the section "a Project to streamline address management" ("Adresācijas sakārtošanas projekts"). In this section there is a "Search addresses" ("Adrešu meklētājs") where you can enter the address of interest to check whether there were any plans to change it and if transferred to it for public discussion.

People who prefer to see the changes in person, contact the customer service Center building authority (Amatu str, 4) or in the Centers of reception of visitors of Riga (Kungu street 7/9, street Brivibas, 49/53 St E. Smilgis, 46, rūpniecības, 21 or street Daugavpils, 3) where you can also read the official decision of the building authority about the addresses that you want to change. This decision, along with released for public comment address published in the newspaper Latvijas Vēstnesis ( You can also take the form of a survey questionnaire.

Surveys you can fill in the electronic form on the portal of (in the section "E-pakalpojumi" in the subsection "Sabiedrības līdzdalība") or by hand and send by mail to the Building Department (Amatu str., 4, Riga, LV-1050).

Upon completion of the public comment Stroyeva will analyze the views of residents and decide on the change of address. The decision will enter into force after publication in the Latvijas Vēstnesis.

Currently, the assignment of addresses throughout the country on the same principle, set the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers "On addressing system". The basic principles of assigning addresses are: one administrative territory addresses must not be repeated