Director, fresh film which "Chronicles Melania" this week has received several awards at the competition "the Great Kristaps", initially tried to laugh off the questions Janis Domburs, but in the end, all seriously acknowledged that "heard the stories". He never in such did not participate, because such things are, in his opinion, occur in situations when the aggressor is clothed with power, but this power never was.

The question Janis Domburs on why society wouldn't hear Viesturs Kairiss said that such scandals become public only if they involved big money. "We have no millionaires," he explained.

"If a man got a big injury, that's his business. But it (the story of this society — Approx. Delfi) may resemble a provincial Comedy. If people have suffered, I have no reason to say that it is not necessary to do this [tell all]," he explained. But to give specific examples of refused.