In "Latgale roulette Shaposhnikov played five years ago when successful at that time, the Riga Director put before a choice: or he will lead Daugavpils drama theatre and try to breathe new life into it, or... the patient has passed the crisis and is likely dead. About what diagnosis and treatment, Oleg knew firsthand: the first education he therapist, the second therapist.

I think this ardent struggle for the purity, when you're either pure Latvian, or did you have to go into the past. At the same time, I in no case do not stand up for that Latvian has ceased to be the only state.Oleg Shaposhnikov

To say that the role of the resuscitator was given to Shaposhnikov effortlessly, it would be unfair. Metropolitan protege cautiously greeted in the theatre and around the city ("do we have their creative people not enough?!", "Oh, come in large numbers here, doctors are!"). But the Director rolled up his sleeves and went to work. The repertoire has blossomed a variety of genres — Comedy, Thriller, musical, operetta, European avant-garde... has Charged a rate ten Prime year. The theatre created his own modern dance troupe, and at a local art College Saules Shaposhnikov scored course of the ten young actors, which brought teachers from Riga, Moscow (Ashley) and from Israel.

Даугавпилсский театр Мистер Х
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Photo: scene from the operetta "the Mystery of Mr. X", the plot of which was brought into the international Riga 1925, the year.

In the end, the attendance of theatre has grown four times. Notices have become commonplace. Managed to raise ticket prices (best seats in the house) — going to the theatre became a matter of prestige. In Vilnius and Minsk Daugavpils theatre waiting with Ministers three times per year. In Riga from the first large-scale tour Director had the courage to declare: "If the play is not like will refund your money for the tickets!" Complaints are not followed.

The most striking feature of the Daugavpils theatre troupe where harmoniously coexist Latvians, Russians and Latgalians. And the performances are staged in all three languages. Moreover, staged in Latvian may well play Russian actors, and Vice versa, and in Latgalian, sometimes, play those who the language knew only by ear. Yes, and the audience in the intermissions speak different languages. It is quite peaceful. But the management of the theatre Oleg Shaposhnikov took shortly before the language referendum in Riga quarrel friends and colleagues.

- Not simple in the time you took to lead a multinational company. How did her sharp linguistic battles that were then in the country?

- Not at all! Will tell you a very revealing story. Just at that time in the theater was welcome capital TV: I wanted to interview our actors what they think, and how they all affected. And they simply refused to comment on the situation. And, hand on heart, any of my bans on this account was not. It was their sincere desire not to escalate the situation and not to sow discord. When the capital's TV crew reported the demarche in her TV show sitting in a live Alvis Hermanis called Daugavpils theatre... a traitor. And it touched our actors. How can you throw such epithets, not even trying to understand the situation?!

To be precise, we do not divide our theater and Russian in the Latvian troupe. Only formally divide them into bearers of a language — native Latvian, native Russian, native Latgale. There are a few people who are equally proficient in Russian and Latvian at professional level.

And I am very glad that the political struggle does not interfere in the life of the theatre. And in the city no one protests against the Latvian, as it is sometimes portrayed in Riga, they say in Daugavpils for Latvian it is possible for the head to, but not making waves. Due to the location of the region, there have always lived people of different nationalities, which is clearly evident by the inscriptions in the cemeteries. Today the majority of Daugavpilssky have relatives in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia — their propaganda is not inclined to any "correct" way — they believe what they themselves see, hear, know. Yeah, and then there are people who scream about the reunification with Russia, but these are everywhere. There's no such radicalism and separatism, which I was asked in an interview with the Riga media.

- It they watch the film "the Third world war: the command post" looked!

- Absolutely disgusting! I well remember the day when we watched it and went into an uproar. No one said, Oh, how cool! On the contrary, people from Latgale (and not only Latvians) went to Riga, stood with placards and protested against this film. It says a lot more about these people than any speculation... And it should be an absolute unpatriotic to his country to Latvia for money to buy this film and show it.

I think the Daugavpils as a whole and our theatre in particular are ahead of policy and processes that could allegedly there to dictate the agenda. Another example could be how to do integration.

- Can you give!

- It's simple: not to sow enmity, to humiliate and insult. Only on this platform, you can establish a dialogue and interaction. It is impossible to expect people who do not speak the Latvian language, if only because life didn't speak, suddenly, a wave of a magic wand or a magic whip, will start to speak it perfect and quickly. We must soberly assess the reality and chances are, when and what people require. Because the problem is not that everyone suddenly started talking in a higher category, and to people who try to speak and understand, were given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and thus feel full.

For example, in our theater actors occasionally playing in the performances in the Latvian language. No one over them is not laughing. Conversely, we have many Latvian actors like to play and in the performances in the Russian language. And eats the performances, which involved several languages. For example, in "Latgale roulette", which goes on the Latgalian language, is the Russian character.

I am well familiar with the situation, when I came from Latgale boys and girls whose native language is Latvian, I can't enroll in an acting course at the Academy of culture — they indicate that their pronunciation differs slightly from the official canons and the common Latvian language. Enough it perfect. I think this ardent struggle for the purity, when you're either pure Latvian, or did you, would have to belong to the past. At the same time, I in no case do not stand up for that Latvian has ceased to be the only state. Despite the fact that I — an ardent supporter of the fact that people knew Latvian, said to him, improved him, but that he did not become a sentence.

Advocating for the purity, the country creates unnecessary barriers, instead of encourage people. In my opinion, in the years since the restoration of independence of Latvia, half of measures related to strengthening of positions of state language, wore either formal or reached the completely opposite goal — not to rally and motivate, and not even to force, and to annoy, humiliate and scare. Knowledge of the language is a great goal, but the means of achieving it are often chosen wrong.

- You have at the theater courses of the Latvian language?

- Praise: our language on the actors offered such courses in very good conditions. Three of our young actor successfully attended and passed the exams for the highest category. And this is a perfect example.

- Daugavpils theatre regularly puts on performances in the Latgalian language is your merit?

- Before my arrival there was one such play, I'm happy to continue, especially since this language is not alien to me — my ancestors on my mother's side hail from Latgale, when a child came for the summer to the grandmother, heard of this language. I feel that it is energetically very strong and emotional language. He of ancient Latvian, which occurred just the same from Latgale. Phonetics and the traditional use of this language allows more emotionally to speak it, than on Latvian. For this reason, I really like working with him.

Over the five years of my work in the theater was delivered five such performances. Including Shakespeare's "a Midsummer night's Dream". Play them as those who from birth possessed of Latgale, and those who learnt it for the show. An interesting language laboratory. And we will continue to do so.

This time we bring to Riga shocking Comedy "Latgale roulette" — a good example of how to successfully Latgalian language falls on the critical situation in the plays. Play Ural playwright Vasily sigareva "Russian Lotto" has translated into Latgalian language, our actress, who played a major role.

- Latgale roulette is similar to Russian?

- The name was intended associated with this life-threatening game. In the story, a lady suspects invited to the feast of friends to the theft from her apartment, takes them hostage and begins questioning, turning into torture and the searches of undressing. In principle, everything is written pretty funny. But it becomes terrible when you realize to what stage of overlast may reach the person for whom the material is the most expensive. He is willing to sell, to betray, to kill, to destroy, if only to snatch a piece from another.

- The effect of the other tour performances — "the Mystery of Mr. X" on the operetta by Imre Kalman — did you move to Riga 1925 — why?

- The period between the two world wars was the heyday of cabaret. Including in such European city, like Riga, for which the internationality and multilingualism was then a natural thing and not a matter for recrimination, hatred and enmity. And this atmosphere is related to the city where I work now — Daugavpils. Here's how it happened.

In those days, Riga survived