"The work of Mendes, in movies and in the theater, as always cater to the expectations of the most stringent of critics and the tastes of a wide audience. They easily overcome any geographical and cultural barriers," commented the choice of the head of the jury of the festival Director Alberto Barbera.

Sam Mendes made two latest James bond film "007: Coordinates "Skayfoll"" and "007: Spectrum", which has grossed a total of nearly two billion dollars. He has already announced that it will no longer work on the paintings of James bond.

In 1999, Mendez was awarded the awards "Oscar" and "Golden globe" for directing his debut movie "American Beauty". He has also directed such films as "road to perdition", "Jarhead", "revolutionary Road" and "In the way". The Briton came to the cinema from the theatre, where he worked since 1990, and in the last few years has made several high-profile productions for London's old Vic.

73-th Venice film festival will be held from 31 August to 10 September.